Mud season in Vermont signifies the last of the skiing….it’s kind of sad as they shut down your favorite trails and runs, limiting your options each day.

But Mud season in Lancaster County is just the beginning of fun. This month saw the first of the mud sales (auctions to the uninitiated), and they will continue all year. The money that is raised benefits the local fire companies in Lancaster County.

The cool weather, the smell of great food, the chance to mingle with the locals, and, best of all, to squish in the mud like a kid….it’s an experience like no other. And chances are, once you try it you’ll be back for more.

These sales each have their own personality. Some specialize in building materials, others have fresh roses. Most all have hundreds of hand-made quilts and donations from businesses big and small.

Throw in Amish kids helping to carry goods on wagons, families trying out the swing sets, horses gathering in the meadow, and you’ve got a picture of our special part of the world….. a land like no other where people come together to help a cause.

So adjust your ears for the auction cadence, grab your boots and head to Lancaster County. And don’t worry about the chill in the air – all the excitement will keep you warm.

Here’s a full schedule:

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