Several weeks late, several false delivery times, and after mistakenly being trucked to Long Island, Bruce’s Garrabrandt’s coffee table book, Cattle Drive (And 153 Other Random Acts of Artistic Nonsense) has finally arrived at the inn. Of course, it was another “drop ship” arrangement. That means that the semi slows down just enough for you to jump on and unload your shipment. We learned that lesson pretty well with the mattresses for the Cottage, so this time Bruce was prepared…


and borrowed a cart from neighbors, Carl and Glorine. It came in handy when piling boxes on the porch…


All 72 of them.

Then it came time to haul them inside – where they have taken over the attic, family room and what precious little space is left in the basement. Bruce pulls a near all-nighter trying to get them labeled and some shipped before leaving for a three-day show in DC.


Next, it’s off to the post office.



This didn’t seem quite efficient enough, so my car got drafted for the job.


Almost done….

Thanks to our buddy, Postmaster Bob…

the bulk of the pre-ordered books are on their way. If you’d like a copy of your own, give us a call at 717-445-0219. Soon you’ll be able to order it on the website as well.

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