There used to be a holiday this time of year – a day off work to gather with family and give thanks for life’s blessings.  But this year there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of it, and I’m afraid that next year it may disappear altogether.
A local store is advertising the fact that you can shop their Christmas specials starting at 6:00 a.m on Thanksgiving Day.  I feel that my beautiful horn of plenty and the few Thanksgiving decorations are up for about one week before the boatload of Christmas stuff must be brought down from the attic.  (It’s always tricky decorating around guests so we must start early to get all three houses finished.)
In a world that seems to rush by faster every year, the whole idea of Thanksgiving may seem a little, ah, old-fashioned.  Perhaps that is why I like it so much. It is so rare to take the time to reflect and give thanks.
Yes, the two holidays have always been related.  The Christmas season traditionally starts with the Macy’s Parade in New York City, but stores hardly wait for that anymore….it seems like it’s still August when they start putting up the fake trees and dancing Santas.
Thanksgiving….it’s our most “American” holiday, and it appears it’s the only non-commercial one left.  So enjoy it while it lasts…..before you rush off to stand in line tonight to get into the nearest mall.
Here’s my short list of things for which I’m thankful:
To be surrounded by people I love
To be able to bring joy and comfort to those who stay with us
The sound of laughter in at our inn
To learn to be happy with my talents, limited as they may be
To appreciate the beauty that is Lancaster County
To be able to share with others and give back – whether it’s time, talent, money or just a smile
To be grateful always, for everything, especially good health
To look for the good in every person and situation
And my wish for the year to come – to be able to give thanks next November having enjoyed more of the same – at Thanksgiving time – a holiday that I’ll always celebrate.
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