Innkeeping is such a stressful job….all that cookie baking, talking to guests and fluffing of pillows  can wear you out.  Luckily, my friend Lynne, fellow innkeeper at The Australian Walkabout, had the solution.  She suggested that we check out the new coupes at Strasburg Scooters. Great idea! And, since Lynne is a four-wheelin’ kind of gal, I got to ride as passenger and just enjoy the scenery.

And what scenery it was.


We took the roads less traveled…except, that is, for the team of 6 workhorses coming up behind us…


We stopped to see some friends along the way…


some were two legged, some were four…


We got to breathe in the fresh air…and melt the stress away.



And we explored a couple of covered bridges almost too pretty to be real.


The coupes are very cute – you’ll feel like you are riding in a cartoon car while My Little Deuce Coupe plays in your head, courtesy of the Beach Boys.


We visited some ladies on the farm,




and fell in love with the kittens (of course).



We saw Lancaster County from far and near…


including a house with telltale signs of young Amish boys living there!



And at the end of the day, we were ready to head back to our inns and greet our guests.


So the next time you are feeling a little work stress, head to Lancaster County, stay at a bed and breakfast (we recommend The Artist’s Inn and Australian Walkabout) and schedule a scooter tour.  We’ll even give you a coupon for the tour.  We bet your stress will melt away.

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