Do those words remind you of a song perhaps? Frank Sinatra recorded it in the 60’s, about Chicago. Although Bruce is a huge fan of Ole’ Blue Eyes, I don’t often have Sinatra songs stuck in my head. But this one came to mind last night as I drove home from a Terre Hill Days Committee meeting.

I am secretary on the committee. We organize activities for our little town in Lancaster County, doing all kinds of things to raise money for the upkeep and improvements in our park: Cooking lunch in the community center in February, holding an annual Terre Hill Days Festival in the summer, and making and selling wreaths in the fall, are some of the events that take place in our small town. While I am one of the few people who make it to committee meetings, the most important work is done by scores of volunteers whose tireless efforts make our events successful.

It doesn’t matter their age, background, or occupation–these folks all unite for a common good. While the events do provide a social outlet for some, (and laughter is often the common ingredient), the truth is that some serious goals are met each year because people sacrifice their precious free time and pool their talents for our community.

Here’s a great example: Due to our current economic climate, the committee lost its sponsor for our annual fireworks show. For the past two years, Conestoga Wood (a local cabinet maker) has graciously donated the funds for this impressive fireworks display. This year, as housing starts have slowed and construction jobs have dwindled, Conestoga Wood has been forced to forego bonuses and to lay off employees. Because of these factors, the company simply couldn’t justify the fireworks expense. It was the right decision, to be sure, but no doubt a difficult one for them.

Fireworks have only been part of our Terre Hill Days Festival since 2007 but, once you start something as popular as this event, it’s tough to forego it (sort of like asking kids not to visit Santa at Christmastime). But a donor(s?) (who has asked to remain anonymous) has stepped forward for our little town, and generously donated the money needed for the fireworks to continue in 2009.

Doesn’t that just make you warm all over? Oh, to have the financial means to make people happy in such a way! Wow–now that would be rewarding.

So, if you find yourself in Lancaster County any time from July 16th through the 19th, drop by Terre Hill Park – you’re going to have a good time. If you need a place to rest your feet, contact us, at The Artist’s Inn. We’re sure that you’ll find people just like the ones in the Sinatra song….and that’s why Terre Hill is my kind of town – one town that won’t let you down.

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