You don’t need to drive all the way to the beach this Memorial holiday. The water is too cold this time of year anyway. Besides, the shore traffic is a killer. Instead, head to the rolling hills of Lancaster County.

Here’s our list of top ten reasons to do so:

#10 – If you like history, we have lots of “old” things for you –plenty of century homes (they don’t make ‘em like this anymore), and living history museums like Landis Valley, the Cloister, and Strasburg Railroad.


#9 – Are you the outdoorsy type? Hike some of the trails through Nolde Forest (15 minutes from the inn), Middlecreek Wildlife Preserve (about 20 minutes), hop in a canoe or kayak on the Susquehanna, or bring your bicycles and explore the backroads of Lancaster County.

#8- Thinking of planting your gardens? Jan will share her favorite nurseries – most within a five-mile radius of The Artist’s Inn. Not only do we have great selections and knowledgeable owners, but the prices are terrific too. Many guests leave with their cars loaded.
#7 – Do you like life in the fast lane? Maple Grove Raceway is only 12 minutes away – and because guests go the “back” way to our inn, you’ll avoid the traffic heading north.

#6 – Eat, Drink and Be Merry – The Great Pennsylvania Flavorfest at the PA Rennasiance Faire is Memorial weekend – lots of great food, wine, beer and culinary information.

#5 – Did someone say “shopping”? We have it all – outlets in both Reading and Lancaster, gallery row in downtown Lancaster, small shops specializing in crafts or quilts.

#4 – Looking for treasures? Adamstown (known as the Antiques Capital of the USA) is just ten minutes from the inn. We’ve found everything from an old buggy seat (we turned that into a coffee table) to the French antique furniture for the Kriss Kringle Room.

#3 – Strawberries, lettuce, radishes and rhubarb – these are just some of the recent purchases fresh from the farms that surround the inn. Lancaster County strawberries are among the sweetest that you’ll find anywhere. You remember – the kind that are red throughout – not those tasteless white things that have spent too much time in a truck.

#2 – The feeling you’ll get when you travel our backroads – rolling hills of green, Amish tending to their farms, and a connection with the land that you can feel.

Drumroll please…..and the Number One reason to head to the Artist’s Inn this weekend?

To slow down and reconnect with the one you love. Sit on the porch and listen to the birds chirp, hear the clip-clop of buggies, and let your cares melt away.

Yes, we are just around the corner, but you’ll feel like you are a world away.


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