It all started with my dad. He’d take a sip of a cold drink (beer, perhaps) on a hot day, close his eyes, lean back his head, smack his lips and sigh “ah”. Soon the whole family would mimic my dad, and I now do it in his memory.

So it got me to thinking about the word “ah”. It gets a lot of use at The Artist’s Inn. No matter how sophisticated or elaborate our vocabulary may be, we all use this simple word. And there are so many ways to express it!

There’s the quiet and respectful “ah” that people utter when they learn about our Amish culture, or encounter their first buggy passing the inn.

When guests take in the breathtaking scenery of the Weaverland Valley from our back deck, there is a soft “ah”. The sound slowly escapes from them like air out of a tire. I like to think it’s their stress valve releasing.

The surprise of seeing horses playing and rolling on their backs often brings forth a short “ah”, accompanied by a laugh.
Guests can’t resist sighing a sweet “ah” when they view Amish children peeking out the back of the buggy.

Then there’s the satisfied “ah” that results from tasting something new and wonderful. From simple farm-fresh ice cream to gourmet meals from restaurants tucked away in small towns, you’ll find it all in Lancaster County.

And let’s not forget the “ah” of wonder that comes from seeing an Amish wagonload of ten different kinds of pumpkins heading for the auction – a colorful sight that delights the eye.

So……..come to Lancaster, because there are so many reasons to open your mouth and say “ah”.

Thanks to Dr. Charles Carroll for taking this wonderful picture when he visited our inn.
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