Lancaster From the Inn Side

One Potato, Two Potato…..Heck with Three; Gimme More!
It's hard to find another vegetable so versatile as potatoes.  Serve them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Fry them, bake them, broil them or boil! Cut them into all kinds of shapes and slather them with a variety of toppings. Face it, Americans are in love with potatoes.  Whether they are white, yellow, red, blue, sweet, new, russet or fingerlings; there are …
Here’s how to tell that it’s Spring in Lancaster County
Here's how to tell that it's Spring in Lancaster County: 1.  Our local greenhouses are open and bursting with color 2.  The locals have switched to their straw hats. 3.  Mud sales are held almost every weekend 4. Farmers are plowing their fields 5.  Mom and Lucy are back in their summer places on the porch …
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