It doesn’t matter in which direction you drive.  Once you leave Terre Hill, you’re bound to pass by a one-room schoolhouse.  You can usually tell the percentage of old-order Amish and Mennonite kids attending these schools by the number of bikes (Mennonite) or scooters (Amish) parked outside.

And it doesn’t matter what time of the day you drive by…..I have noticed that they are very fond of recess.  I’ve seen so many cute pictures that I couldn’t bring myself to take – an older boy teaching a younger one how to swing the baseball bat, kids eating their lunches as they sit on the ground next to the outhouse, teachers pitching softballs,, two girls giggling while they swing.  They all seem to get along…no matter what the age.

Perhaps there’s a lesson here for the rest of the schools.

We hope you enjoy these pictures – taken by several of our guests (with long, long lenses).  Feel free to post any favorites of your own.

And, the next time you stay at The Artist’s Inn, we hope you notice that the local kids are not only back to school….but also at recess here in Lancaster County!






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