8:45 a.m., September 24, at the breakfast table of The Artist’s Inn – there’s six guests eating and talking and a mournful cry comes from the windowbox outside….first one window and then the other. We investigate and find a kitten – about 4 months old who looks amazingly like our neighbor’s cat Mittens. He demands that we feed him – we do. He works his way into our arms, hearts, and the house and has now “upped” the kitty count to four. Introducing Jack, showing off the family jewels:

Jack soon charmed Chardonnay

and was even so bold as to sleep with her

They’ve become inseperable and have run, chased, eaten, and played their way through the private side of our house. Callie is quite patient; Sweetie will take some time to adjust as they walk through her water bowl….

Jack is teaching me to play fetch with him – the other night I threw the mouse at least 25 times (I kept count!). Bruce came downstairs and I asked Jack to show him how he retrieved the mouse, and, in typical cat fashion, Jack took the mouse into another room. But kitty games are important and that is why dinner, confirmations and cleaning will just have to wait. At the end of the day I think I sleep as well as these two….

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