We have some very romantic guests at our Bed and Breakfast….here are some of their ideas on how to make your Valentine’s Day (or any other day) a special one.

1) Men often call and order special flowers to be placed in the room so that their partner sees them when she arrives. I’ve seen everything from two dozen red roses, to a simple bouquet of yellow daisies. Both were greeted with a sweet “ohhhhhhhh”.
2) While a romantic dinner out is wonderful, couples who are looking for extra privacy really like our Lover’s Basket – stuffed with crusty bread, cheeses, fruit, crackers and chocolate. It’s perfect for sharing on their private porch or in front of their fireplace.

3) Several women have called to see if we can have a special CD playing upon their arrival. There’s nothing like music to put one in a romantic mood.

4) If a couple is spending their wedding night at the inn, usually the groom will arrive earlier in the day to bring in some of the luggage and his special gifts for his bride.
5) Dave wanted to propose to his girlfriend at sunset, so we arranged for a bottle of bubbly and chocolate-covered strawberries on the little porch at the top of the inn – with a perfect view of the sunset. When they checked in, he couldn’t wait any longer and ended up proposing just past 4:30. No matter, they were both so excited I’m not sure they saw the sunset that night.
6) We had one couple get engaged at our breakfast table. Instead of the usual “Bon Appétit” on the bottom of the menu, there was a proposal to Selena from Paul. When Selena was asked to read the menu, she started to cry, and Paul went down on one knee and asked her to marry him.
7) One couple told us that they go to sleep every night holding hands.
8) Many couples take walks together – they say it’s something they rarely do at home, but the world seems to slow down when they are on vacation, or maybe it’s just the magic of Terre Hill.

9) Some couples spend the day watching movies in bed. This is a luxury that doesn’t happen when kids, jobs and housework seem to demand much of your time at home.
10) We recommend sitting on the porch and talk and watching the moon rise and the stars come out at night.
11) Go to a gallery or art museum together and learn why your mate likes certain pictures.
12) We tell all couples to kiss in the middle of a covered bridge – it’s good luck! 13) Go antique shopping – it’s not like going to the mall – you never know what you’ll find.
14) Take a buggy ride through the countryside.
15) We have had honeymooners ride their bikes to a nearby park and enjoy a picnic lunch.
16) Read a book to each other while snuggled up on the couch.
17) Cross country ski (or hike) and come back to the inn to shower together. Ok, we’re not really sure if our guests do this, but we do!
18) Some couples share a wine tasting and fall in love with not only each other, but some of the local wines.
19) Join us for one of our culinary tours – it’s a day to spend together without the hassle of driving – we even toasted one honeymoon couple by clanging the spoon against the glass so they would kiss!
20) Take a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Lancaster County countryside. 21) Bring a kite and walk to Terre Hill Park to fly it – because we are on a hill, we usually have a dependable breeze
22) Explore a new food together – whether it’s German, Amish, Thai, Italian, Vietnamese or Cajun – we can steer you to the right place to eat.
23) Take a walk in the rain…..or snow!
24) Get a couples massage – our massage therapist lives right next door to the inn, and our guests love her.
25) Take a yoga class together – we highly recommend The Yoga Place in Ephrata.

Some would say that the visit to a B&B alone is romantic – and they would be right. Special care is taken to decorate rooms so that each one is different, and many antiques lend themselves to the sentiments of bygone days.

Breakfasts are also different at bed and breakfasts – usually on a more private scale than at a large hotel, and much, much more leisurely. We serve four courses by candlelight. If you need a little help with romance, we’ve made it easy for you here at The Artist’s Inn, – Romance baskets, My Forever Valentine Basket, Lover’s Baskets, Anniversary baskets and others – are all available on our specials page.

And remember, Valentine’s Day may only come one weekend a year, but romance never goes out of season.

What are your favorite romantic ideas? Let us know – post your comments!

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