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A Tour of Lancaster County

A local discovery of cheese and wine

Don’t Miss This Great Discovery Weekend at The Artist's Inn; a Tour of Lancaster County Back Roads, Exploring Both Wineries and Local Cheese Makers

Terre Hill, PA - Innkeepers Jan and Bruce Garrabrandt of Lancaster County Tours bring you a fascinating culinary tour of Lancaster County. In a weekend filled with not only fine dining experiences and informative tours, your Wine and Cheese Tour offers the ideal edutaining getaway. Discover Lancaster's local contribution to the culinary spectrum. The Wine and Cheese Tour Weekends are scheduled for April 14, July 14, September 8 and November 10, 2012. The package includes a tour through the Amish countryside with a trip to local cheese makers. Every tour is different. We'll explore Lancaster wines and visit different wineries and cheese makers on each tour. Also on the itinerary is a "wine and dine" evening at gourmet restaurants to complement the tours. All of this begins at The Artist's Inn and Gallery, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where the clip-clop of Amish buggies is heard in tune with the chop chop of fresh herbs, both combining to offer the perfect culinary excursion. The weekend highlight of fine food carefully paired with wine is always the highlight of the tour - we choose only the best restaurants that highlight fresh local foods.

Carr's Wine Tasting Dinner

Lancaster County offers an array of rich and colorful treasures including small unique towns, local markets, and Amish attractions.

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Crusher at Twin Brook

Barrels and the crusher at Twinbrook Winery


This culinary package is an add-on to your stay here at The Artist's Inn and Gallery.  Listed below is the Wine and Cheese package:

The “Wine Tour” Weekend includes:

  • Transportation through the Amish countryside

  • Visit to local wineries 

  • Tour of a local farms that produce milk and cheese - these vary and can include sheep, cow or goat farms

  • All for $150.00 per person (not including tax or gratuity).

 Henry with Cheese
Wine Tasting

French Creek Harvest Tour

The Harvest Tour at French Creek Winery

In order to keep the weekend personalized, limited space is available. Book now by calling 888-999-4479 or visit,  

This tour is done in conjunction with our friends at Lancaster County Tours.